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What we’ve learned from generating our clients over $100M usd in ad revenue

I started ROAS Media 3 years ago and bootstrapped the business from day 1. Over the years we’ve managed to generate over US$100M in ad revenue for our clients, predominantly working with eCom disruptors from around the world.… Read More »

Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

The Best Way To Get Started With Facebook Advertising New to Facebook advertising? Put aside the credit card and read this before you make the same mistakes as most brands starting out on their Facebook advertising journey. During… Read More »

Starting A Social Media Agency

The Biggest Lessons I Learned From Starting A Social Media Agency I’ll be frank – when I left Facebook to set up ROAS Media, a social media agency focused on Facebook and Instagram ads, I wasn’t exactly sure… Read More »

The Facebook Advertising Bubble

Have You Heard Of The Facebook Advertising Bubble? Here are some pointers on what the Facebook Advertising Bubble actually is and how you can take this opportunity to generate knockout campaigns. 1. Early advertisers on the platform spending… Read More »

The Potential of Facebook Ads

“The Vast, Untapped Potential of Facebook for Ads” Originally featured on Discover the potential of Facebook Ads. Since the first telegram sent in 1893, to Mark Zuckerberg launching Facebook from his college dorm in 2004, technology has… Read More »

Race to Success with Facebook Ads

Success with Facebook Ads and The Sport of Grand Prix Originally published on 9 Nov 2018 and featured in Branding In Asia Back in September, during the 2018 F1 Singapore Grand Prix, I got to thinking about how… Read More »

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