Have You Heard Of The Facebook Advertising Bubble?

Here are a few pointers on what the Facebook Advertising Bubble actually is and how we can take this opportunity to generate knockout campaigns!

1. Early advertisers on the platform spending away on page likes/engagement who have not come back in the last couple of years to figure out how to actually sell on Facebook and Instagram

2. Performance marketing on social hasn’t been enough of a focus for years by big brands and their billions – they can’t move fast enough yet to scale as they could on Facebook

3. With the situation above, it means the Facebook budgets for the big agencies managing these large clients were/are a small proportion of the overall budget – therefore it gets less attention, fewer resources and less innovation all round

4. ‘Maserati Marketers’ – they’re the modern day snake oil salesmen of the marketing industry with more car than actual value for their audience and contribute to the general lack of belief/trust of many in the performance of Facebook ads

5. Facebook makes it too easy to get started with many people jumping on, spending a few hundred bucks or a few thousand and then making the conclusion it’s not for them without actually setting it up properly

6. The brain drain of Facebook’s own Market Support team: 12-18 months in they’re promoted to a new role Don’t go another month into 2019 without doing some solid research of your own on Facebook and other platforms for your own business

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