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Growth doesn’t happen overnight. But we have global teams who work day and night, 7 seven days a week to help you scale and grow as fast as possible.

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We get it because we've been there. Our backgrounds span across startups, publishers, global brands and global agencies

Rich Burns

Founder & CEO

Formerly from Facebook and now Captain of this rocket ship. People listener, algorithm whisperer and whiskey connoisseur. Personally interested in long walks on the beach and global domination.

Ross Wakeham

US Managing Director

A global citizen. A retired rugby player and part time triathlete. 6 years working at Facebook helping businesses conquer their domestic markets but most importantly scale internationally.

CY Chung

Head of Digital

Experience spanning across agencies and large brands. First to join the ROAS Media rocketship. Head of Digital and about 5 other job titles at any one time. Trained illustrator, avid backpacker and plays table tennis like a pro.

JM Bolling

Head of North America Operations

JM is the man who never sleeps and who is more versatile than a swiss army knife. Responsible for heading up operations in North America and ensuring we’re always scaling 24x7.

Mathew Searcy

Creative Director

Mathew is our man in black (like always), he's our special agent in the creative dept. With experience in massive DTC brands and agency postings across Asia and the United States, he's our creative gun.

Cromwell Salvatera

Head of Marketing

Cromwell is our man from Down Under with a long and impressive marketing track record spanning across many of Australia's fastest-growing companies. Cromwell loves all things tech, nerdy, art, music, and meditation.

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